Women's XL


Infinity T-shirt
Small, Women's Large, Women's XL

Front upper left chest: Infinity symbol surrounded by the words "Contemplate the infinite"
Back: "With Math, The Possibilites Are Infinite"

Available in Men's Small, and in Women's Black Large, and XL.
Price: $20.

Math to the Limit Calculus T-shirt
Women's Large, XL
Printed on Front and Back. Available in Women's sizes.

Front upper left chest: Mathematical notation for "Limit as x approaches infinity of 1/x to the n"
Back: "Take Math to the Limit" accompanied by graph of f(x)=1/x2.

Available in Black or Navy Blue.

Price: $20.

Quadratic Formula T-shirt 3

Available in men's XL, and women's XL and 2XL.

The quadratic formula with a diagram of a completed square, and the phrase "Solutions for the completely square."
Available in Black, Ash Gray, Violet, Navy Blue, depending on size.

Pricing: $20.

Pi-rate Math Geek T-shirt

Available in women's sizes Medium and XL.

Price: $20.

Imagine T-shirt
Small, Women's XS, Women's Small, Women's XL.

Smaller print reads "Solutions for a complex world".
Available in Stone Blue, White, Ash Gray, or Violet, depending on size.
Available in Adult and Women's sizes.

Price: $20.