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Periodic Table T-shirt Black


Features the elements through 109 (Meitnerium). The radiation warning symbols glow in the dark.

Pricing: $20 to $26.

Periodic Table T-shirt White
Glows in the dark!

This seven-color design features the names, atomic numbers, element symbols, and atomic masses of all elements through 109 (Meitnerium) on a white shirt. The radioactive elements glow attractively in the dark.
T-shirt is White.

Pricing: $20 to $24.

May the F=ma Be With You T-shirt
BEST SELLER! Glows in the dark!
Comes in Adult and Youth sizes, and in Adult Long Sleeve.

May the F=ma Be With You Physics T-shirt features vector diagram with acceleration pattern at the bottom.

Pricing: $21 to $24..

Stand Back Try Science T-shirt
BEST SELLER! Available in women's and men's sizes.

Stand back! I'm going to try science.

Black Hole Maxwell's Equations T-shirt
BEST SELLER. Printed on Front and Back.

Front: geometrical representation of the gravitational field of a black hole, with the equation for the Schwarzchild radius.
Back (pictured): And God said - Maxwell's equations - and there was light.
T-shirt is Black.

Pricing: $20 to $26.

Einstein Starry Night T-shirt
Glows in the dark!

The Einstein Starry Night t-shirt features a portrait of Albert Einstein superimposed on the cosmos, accompanied by the quote: "One Feels as if One is Dissolved and Merged into Nature."
T-shirt is Black.

Pricing: $20 to $25.

Carbon Based T-shirt

Carbon Based and Proud of It! Show your pride at being a carbon-based life form.
Black or Indigo Blue.

Price: : $20 ($23 for 2XL and larger).

Einstein's Bicycle T-shirt
Glows in the dark!

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."
Picture of Albert Einstein riding a bicycle around the Milky Way, accompanied by the above quote, on a black shirt.

Pricing: $20 to $23.

GeNIUS Chemistry T-shirt

What do Germanium, Nitrogen, Iodine, Uranium, Sulfur spell to a chemistry geek?

Pricing: $20 to $23.

Planets T-shirt 1

Planets T-shirt uses actual photographs of the planets and their moons.
Currently available only in Adult Small and Youth Medium (10-12).

Pricing: $20 to $22.