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Quadratic Formula T-shirt 3

Quadratic Formula T-shirt 3 See larger images below

Available in "Adult" and women's sizes.

The quadratic formula with a diagram of a completed square, and the phrase "Solutions for the completely square."
Available in Black, Ash Gray, Violet, Yellow, Stone Blue, Navy Blue, or Orchid, depending on size.

Available in Adult and Women's sizes. "Adult" sizes are standard screen printing shirts. They fit women, just not as well as Women's sizes do.

Pricing: $20.

Blemish Sale item: One Adult Stone Blue Small with a vertical singe mark on the lower left side / ribcage area. The singe mark is about 2 inches high and about an inch wide, and is fairly noticeable. $12.

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Black Quadratic Formula T-shirt 3
Ash Gray Quadratic Formula T-shirt 3