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Physics T-shirts


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Schrodinger's Cat Women's Math T-Shirt
Does the uncertainty principle allow us to believe that the cat simultaneously is and isnít there?

SCIENCE! T-shirt (Red)
Comes in Adult and Youth sizes.

"SCIENCE!" spelled out using the shapes of various science-related items.

Pricing: $20 to $23.

May the F=ma Be With You T-shirt
BEST SELLER! Glows in the dark!
Comes in Adult and Youth sizes, and in Adult Long Sleeve.

May the F=ma Be With You Physics T-shirt features vector diagram with acceleration pattern at the bottom.

Pricing: $21 to $24..

Miracle Step Cartoon T-shirt

Sidney Harris Cartoon with caption: "I think you should be more explicit here in step 2."
T-shirt is Ash Gray.

Pricing: $20 to $26.

Black Hole Maxwell's Equations T-shirt

Pre-order by Tuesday, December 10th for USA holiday delivery

BEST SELLER. Printed on Front and Back.

Front: geometrical representation of the gravitational field of a black hole, with the equation for the Schwarzchild radius.
Back (pictured): And God said - Maxwell's equations - and there was light.
T-shirt is Black.

Pricing: $20 to $26.

Neutrino Physics Geek T-shirt

Price: $17 ($20 for 2XL).

Physics Formula T-shirt

Features physics formulae from algebra-based physics, printed upside down so you can read the shirt easily while you wear it. Available in Black or Ash Gray.

Pricing: $20 to $23.

Einstein Imagination T-shirt

"Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge."
T-shirt is Ash Gray.

Pricing: $20 to $23.

Women In Science T-shirt

This item is currently out of stock.

This t-shirt features images and brief descriptions of Marie Curie, Barbara McClintock, Rachel Carson, Jane C. Wright, and Dr. Alice Hamilton. T-shirt is white.

Pricing: $20 to $23.
Superhero Physics Cartoon T-shirt

Einstein or someone who looks a lot like him muses on the physics of superheroes comics in this cartoon by Sidney Harris.
T-shirt is Navy Blue.

Pricing: $20 to $23.