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25% off storewide closeout sale!

This is a going-out-of-business sale. This was started as a family business, and since my divorce several years ago, my heart hasn't been in it. So I'm moving on.

Everything is 25% off, while it lasts!

Several designs are completely sold out and no longer available, and most shirts have sold out in one or more sizes.

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Orders over $200 get a 15 percent discount and free USA shipping; orders over $400 get a 20 percent discount and free USA shipping.

No-Hassle Returns

Return Policy in brief:

  • Items can be returned for a refund within 30 days of delivery, provided they are still in salable condition.
  • We sometimes accept items for return after more than 30 days. Please contact us if you want to return an item after more than 30 days.
  • T-shirts with a custom logo added are usually not eligible for return, unless there is a mistake or defect.
  • If we send you the wrong item (very rare), or if your item arrives in unsatisfactory condition (also very rare), we fix the problem at our expense.
  • No restocking fees.

Return Policy in more detail:


Send the item(s) back to us at the address below within 30 days of receiving your order. The item must still be in salable condition.

Please include a note with the following information:

  • Your name, and the name of the person who ordered the item if you didn't order it;
  • A phone number and/or e-mail address where we can contact you if necessary;
  • Information we need to refund your money:
    • If you paid by credit card, please include the card number and expiration date. We are required to process credit card refunds to the same card that was used to pay for the order if possible.
    • If you paid by PayPal, please tell us the e-mail address associated with the account used to pay for the item. We will refund payment to that account.
    • If you paid by check or money order, please remind us of that fact and we will refund you with a check.

At our discretion, we sometimes accept returns after the 30 day limit. The most common example is a holiday gift that was ordered well in advance. If you want to return something after the 30 day limit, please contact us.

T-shirts with custom logos added, such as a club name or school logo, may not be returned unless there is a mistake or defect. Examples of mistakes or defects would be: a shirt with a hole in it, a size different than the size that was ordered, or a misspelling in the custom logo if we added it. (To date, none of these has ever happened for a custom order print.)


Returns & Exchanges
110 N 3rd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401

(Customers outside the USA should write "USA" after the last line above)


If we make a mistake on your order, or send you an item in unsatisfactory condition, we fix it at our expense. This is very rare, but we're embarrassed to admit that it does happen sometimes.

Contact us by phone or email or postal mail. Tell us what we were supposed to send and what we sent instead.

We'll send you the correct item, usually by Priority Mail. If there's an urgent deadline for the replacement item, we sometimes send the replacement item by Express Mail.

We'll usually include a postage paid return envelope. Please put the wrong item in the postage paid envelope and send it back to us.