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Math Teacher Problems Geek T-shirt

"I'm a math teacher. Of course I have problems."

Price: $19 ($22 for 2XL and larger).

Super Pi T-shirt
Available in Men's and Women's sizes.

Pricing: $24 ($27 for 2XL & larger).

Pi-rate Math Geek T-shirt

Available in regular men's, women's classic fit, and youth sizes.

Pi Symbol Glow T-shirt
Glows in the dark!
Comes in Men's, Women's, and Youth sizes, and in Men's Long Sleeve.
Currently out of stock in Men's Small and Medium.
Pi By Numerals Math Geek T-shirt

A few thousand digits of Pi, arranged so that you can read them in continuous order through the shirt, printed in the form of a Pi symbol. Available in Men's, Women's classic fit, and Youth sizes.

Be Rational Get Real i vs pi T-shirt

Available in regular men's and in women's Hanes classic fit.

Pricing: $20 and up.

Pi Digits T-shirt
Available in Men's and Women's sizes.

Men's: $20.
Women's soft, ringspun Hanes classic fit: $24.
Add $3 for 2XL and larger.

Pi-Lingual Math T-shirt

The Pi-Lingual t-shirt features geometric diagrams for area and circumference of a circle, and a wide variety of advanced formulae featuring Pi.
T-shirt is Black.

Pricing: $20 to $23.

Easy as Pi T-shirt
As seen on TV in the Numb3rs episode "Atomic Number 33".
BEST SELLER. Comes in Men's, Women's, and Youth sizes.
Apple Pi T-shirt

What do you get when you divide the circumference of an apple by twice its radius?
Apple Pi.

Price: $20.
Add $3 for 2XL and larger.