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Women's Pi T-shirts


Cherry Pi Women's Math T-Shirt
Cherry Pi: The first nine digits of Cherry/Lemon/Apple Pi. $20.
Chinese Pi Women's Tank Top
The Chinese symbols for "Circle Circumference Ratio", i.e. Pi. $20.
Easy as Pi T-shirt - SOLD OUT
As seen on TV in the Numb3rs episode "Atomic Number 33".
BEST SELLER. Comes in Adult, Women's, and Youth sizes.

Price: $20.
Lemon Pi Women's Math T-Shirt
Lemon Pi The first nine digits of Lemon Pi.

Pi By Numerals Math T-shirt (Women's 2XL)

Available in Women's Hanes Nano 2XL.

A few thousand digits of Pi, arranged so that you can read them in continuous order through the shirt, printed in the form of a Pi symbol. Available in Men's, Women's classic fit, and Youth sizes.

Pi Digits T-shirt (XL, 2XL)
Available in Adult XL and 2XL, and Women's 2XL.

Price: $20

Pi-rate Math Geek T-shirt

Available in women's sizes.

Price: $20.