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Funny Science T-shirts


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PIRaTe Periodic Table Geek T-shirt

Price: $20 ($23 for 2XL and larger).

Schrodinger's Cat Women's Math T-Shirt
Does the uncertainty principle allow us to believe that the cat simultaneously is and isnít there?

May the F=ma Be With You T-shirt

Restocked for the holiday season! All orders placed on or before December 19th are guaranteed for USA delivery by Christmas!

BEST SELLER! Glows in the dark!
Comes in Adult and Youth sizes, and in Adult Long Sleeve.

May the F=ma Be With You Physics T-shirt features vector diagram with acceleration pattern at the bottom.

Pricing: $21 to $24..

Miracle Step Cartoon T-shirt

Sidney Harris Cartoon with caption: "I think you should be more explicit here in step 2."
T-shirt is Ash Gray.

Pricing: $20 to $26.

Stand Back Try Science T-shirt

Stand back! I'm going to try science.
T-shirt is Black.

Black Hole Maxwell's Equations T-shirt

Pre-order by Tuesday, December 10th for USA holiday delivery

BEST SELLER. Printed on Front and Back.

Front: geometrical representation of the gravitational field of a black hole, with the equation for the Schwarzchild radius.
Back (pictured): And God said - Maxwell's equations - and there was light.
T-shirt is Black.

Pricing: $20 to $26.

PInK Chemistry Geek T-shirt

Price: $20 ($23 for 2XL and larger).

Will Work for Caffeine Chemistry Geek T-shirt

This item is currently out of stock.


Price: $20 ($23 for 2XL).

Carbon Based T-shirt

Carbon Based and Proud of It! Show your pride at being a carbon-based life form.
Shirt is Indigo Blue.

Price: : $20 ($23 for 2XL and larger).