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Astronomy T-shirts


Astronomy is Out There T-shirt (XL only)

T-shirt is Black. Available only in XL.

Pricing: $20.

May the F=ma Be With You T-shirt (5XL Only)
BEST SELLER! Glows in the dark!

May the F=ma Be With You Physics T-shirt features vector diagram with acceleration pattern at the bottom.

Price: $20.

Science is Awesome T-shirt

Dinosaurs, tornadoes, DNA double helix, and more. . . How could science not be awesome?
T-shirt is Navy Blue.

Price: $20.

Star Life Cycle T-shirt - Sold Out

A star's life cycle can span billions of years -- yet here we have it all on one t-shirt. From its humble start in a stellar nursery to its final destiny as a neutron star, white dwarf, or black hole, you can follow a star's volatile evolution in eye-popping educational detail.
T-shirt is Black.

Price: $20.

Price: $20.

Planets T-shirt - Sold Out

Planets T-shirt uses actual photographs of the planets and their moons.
Currently available only in Adult XL.

Price: $20.

Einstein Starry Night T-shirt - Sold Out
Glows in the dark!

The Einstein Starry Night t-shirt features a portrait of Albert Einstein superimposed on the cosmos, accompanied by the quote: "One Feels as if One is Dissolved and Merged into Nature."
T-shirt is Black.

Price: $20..